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Chew. Swallow... Cum With Me! (Poop Videos, Toilet Slavery)Chew. Swallow... Cum With Me! (Poop Videos, Toilet Slavery)

You’ve been good to me lately, slave. Very good. You’ve taken care of every order and service I’ve asked for and more. I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe… you deserve a treat. For your good behavior. Would you like that, slave? All the other ones did–whether or not they did well, but you never ask for it. I tease you while asking what you’d like, touching and showcasing my tight, pert tits… would you like to touch them, slave? Feel how soft they are? Yeah? HAH! As if! No, slave, I’m going to give you a treat that’s befitting for you… something you REALLY deserve!

I spread my asscheeks, offering you full view of my pert asshole. Are you ready, slave? Because today, I’m gonna downgrade you to a full human toilet. You’re gonna get under your Mistress’ throne and swallow all the shit that comes out my ass… Open your mouth as I feed you, take it all… can you smell my super wet, dripping pussy through the smell? Touch yourself and chew that shit, slave. Jerk off while you work all that shit in your mouth. I’m fingering my pussy while shitting, feeling those turds inside as they pushy their way out… I finger myself faster, getting close… You’re not allowed to swallow until you cum with me on my count...…

Ella Gilbert, JosslynKane, LoveRachelle2, Scat Shop, Unknown Studios

ScatPack (17 clips)ScatPack (17 clips)

She is in the kitcken, starts undressing and teasing showing her big ass. She comes near a table puts a plate on it turns around and dumps her load on to the plate. She then "feeds" us her shit...


Juicy Farts - LoveRachelle2Juicy Farts - LoveRachelle2

Mistress has a purple mask on her face and she has legwear on her legs. Camera is recording her from the ground while is she is standing and looking at floor. She shows her ass first to the camera. Then she puts her left leg on the wall and shows her pussy. While she turns her pussy and ass to the camera at the same time she starts to finger her pussy and she farts. In the end of the clip she turns her ass and she shits.


Under My Shitter (Close-Up!) 1080pUnder My Shitter (Close-Up!) 1080p

I’ve been such a good girl lately, you’re gonna let me shit now instead of making me wait <3 I pucker my butthole at you doggy style and show off my curvy bum before you decide to have me shit with you under my ass and pussy so my poop can fall in your mouth ; See how hard I'm pushing for you, launching all those stinky turds into your hungry mouth and dribbling pee all down your chin? Mmm~

LoveRachelle2, Scat Shop

Sucking A Shit CockSucking A Shit Cock

I’m going to shit you a HUGE, thick log today slave, and we’re going to enjoy it together <3 I tease you, flaunting my bubble butt and showing you my asshole, ready to burst. I shit for you on a plate–you watch as my giant turd slides closer and closer towards your mouth… but not yet, slave. Not til I've had my fun, first. Now watch as I lick, kiss, spit on, and suck this giant cock of a turd–even EATING some, it's absolutely delicious! Now open wide, slave–the rest is for you–and you've got to eat it ALL!

LoveRachelle2, Scat Shop

LoveRachelle2 - Mistress Treats Her Scat SlaveLoveRachelle2 - Mistress Treats Her Scat Slave

Crawl to my ass little slave, I’m gonna fill you up with my treats. Why don’t I give you an appetizer first with a good face-blast of hot stinky farts? One of my farts even pushes out a few little turds! I blast you with all the farts I got in my ass, before pulling out a plate and telling you that you better eat ALL my shit–or I won’t be satisfied… and if you aren’t good, I won’t ever feed you again. So I shit this beautiful thick load onto a plate–and smear some around my poopy butthole–you gotta clean me up, slave. Clean me up with your tongue. I want to be nice and clean, shit eater! I pick up a piece of my delicious load and taste it–come on, let’s share this shit together… I take another lick, and assure you not to worry.. I’ll make sure you eat almost all of my shit.


Smearing All Over and Fucking My AssSmearing All Over and Fucking My Ass

In this one it looks like she is already nude and shat somewhere. The video consists of her smearing it on her body, then sucking some dildo-anal-beads thing, then fucking her ass, sucking the beads-dildo, and repeat several times.


I Love Shit and Scat PornI Love Shit and Scat Porn

She talks to the camera a bit and I think she talks about her involvement in scat porn. Like "Well it all started in college when I saw this one thing and it was so hot etc etcet cetecetc". Then she shits on the floor and puts some in her mouth. It's actually a pretty good scene objectively since her 'origin story' makes it more immersive, or whatever you wanna call it.


LoveRachelle2 Cumming With Shit To My Clit And In My MouthLoveRachelle2 Cumming With Shit To My Clit And In My Mouth

Your scat slut is getting ready to go to our friends event, I’ve got a sexy dress on and let you watch me put on those brand new platform high heels you got me. They’re so hot I can’t help but show them off. We’re about to go and I check my phone–oh crap, our friend lost our tickets, and we can’t go! Bummer. That’s okay though, that just means we don’t have to wait to have fun tonight. I grab my ass, I can already feel something cooking in the oven I shit a load and piss in the chair. I strip off my dress, showing off my hot curves and come back to taste my delicious cock of a turd before rubbing it onto my clit–unf! Feels so fucking good I got tingles–I get super horny smearing my pussy and my tits with shit!

I put a hunk of shit in my mouth and rub my shit covered clit til I spasm and cum with my legs in the air


Loverachelle2 - Clean Up After Me... Or ElseLoverachelle2 - Clean Up After Me... Or Else

(POV of toilet victim) You and I are strangers in a supply room in a huge office building, you're really popular at work and have a flawless reputation. I'm just an office worker from some other after hours while we're both on errands to grab something/check on the supply room, the door locks from the outside, trapping us in. We can't get out, and you comment that maybe we should get out if my arm wasn't broken and could shoulder-smash our way out the it's been several house and no one has rescued us....and after a few more hours....(you had a really big lunch yesterday) you realize you need a toilet...

You try to think of someway to do it, and eventually you decide me "disposing of it" is the only way to keep from the embarrassment that would come from having our rescuers see it in the supply're really sorry at first....and you don't want to torture me... You try to comfort me... telling me "you won't die from this... you might get sick...but you won't die" then as I beg you not to do this... you get more forceful and crazy. I'm totally forced into consuming your feces and you refuse to let me puke it back up. At the end... you show the key-revealing that you locked us both in here on purpose, and you tell me that you were joking about me not dying, and now that I've eaten your shit...there's no way you're going to let me live...

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