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PUSSY EXAMINATION & CURE - Plugged Female Slave Holds Enema while being Punished!PUSSY EXAMINATION & CURE - Plugged Female Slave Holds Enema while being Punished!

Today I have my slave in the dungeon, and she is going to be examined. She is complaining of a vaginal and rectum problem that she wants me to check. She is hooded and blindfolded, and I have her on a leash as I lead her to the medical room. I tell her to sit on the bed and place her legs on the leg rests. I then tie her feet tightly with rope. I don't want her struggling too much. So with her ready, I pull on my tight latex rubber gloves to begin the examination. She is nervous, and has difficulty relaxing. So I tell her to remain calm, and that I'm going to have to thoroughly check her out. As I continue, her pussy becomes wet and I can see she is aroused. I get the feeling that she is enjoying me poking around with my latex gloved fingers. At the moment I can't seem to see a problem with her. However, I will perform a enema and see if further examination will reveal anything. I also use some instruments to allow me to open her pussy as wide as possible. After the enema, she complains that she has flatulence. So I insert a nice butt plug into her ass to make sure she is nice and comfortable. Her medical exam is over. However, I have other plans for my slut... For the next part two of the medical examination of my slave. She will have to undergo a psychological process. I have told her she must comply with my instructions. With her still hooded and wearing her blindfold. I put her hands in bondage mittens and raise her arms up on chains. I also have her legs bound with a spreader bar. She has no idea what to expect. I warn her that she is going to experience different levels of pain. I bring out my flogger and begin warming her up, heavily beating her ass as it begins to turn a nice red. I then bring out my bullwhip and let her hear it crack, she quivers in fear at the prospect of it's stinging lashes. Because she has no idea what I'm going to do next, her fear intensifies. With the butt plug still in her ass, I get my riding crop and give it a good slapping just to make sure it doesn't slip out. It's time to make her suffer a bit more and decide to use hot wax treatment on her. I light the candle and leave it for a few minutes to allow the wax to become really hot. As I pour it on her on her ass, she squeals like a little piggy. I'm having so much fun with my slut, her pleas for mercy will be ignored. As the wax dries on her ass, I tell her it has to be removed. I get my riding crop and begin to give her a good whipping. Until slowly, all the wax is removed. With her ass a bright red, my bitch pleads with me to stop. Of cours there's no mercy. As I continue with her whipping she can't hold in her butt plug. It's amazing to see it totally pop out, as my slave delivers a concentrated mixture of piss and shit onto the floor. She squeals in pain as I whip the last pices of shit out of her sorry ass. What a filthy slut...


Aching Balls & Scat Lunch 1080pAching Balls & Scat Lunch 1080p

You will kneel before me as I sit on my throne. I'm going to give you specific instructions as I prepare you. Firstly, it is important to understand how fortunate you are to be beneath me as I begin. You are allowed to take out you cock but don't touch it without my permission. I will tease you and make you suffer until you are desperate to cum. I begin with a little striptease. As I remove my stockings, I can see in your eyes you would like to touch me. I continue until my beautiful body is naked. I am going to prepare a delicious lunch for you. So I piss in a bottle, and shit in your little lunchbox. However, as my slave your going to have to perform a task for me. You will get some cord and tie it tightly around you balls until they change colour, preferably purple. Then you will get a wooden spoon or similar, and beat you balls at least (forty times) until they ache. Only after that time, you may open your lunch box, and pee bottle. You now have my permission to cum. How fortunate a slave you are to have this experience with Mistress Gaia...


MistressGaia My Little Treat for YouMistressGaia My Little Treat for You

This is a pov femdom scat video from Mistress Gaia, *finally* (right?). She says stuff (I THINK it is in italian), then poops real close to the camera, is like 'now u lick it off lolz" (but in italian and more serious), then she pisses in the same direction. It's like PissDomination but with Gaia and includes a Number 2. ;)


Shitting NunShitting Nun

Mistress Gaia dresses up as a nun, pees and takes a delicious shit in a bowl. Then she shows it to the camera and whispers some love words in Italian.


Courden BleuCourden Bleu

Our Mistress Gaia takes a delicious poop in a frying pan and cooks it for some seconds. The result is a delicious meal for the good slave.


Training A Slave To Lick My Shit From My Dirty ShoesTraining A Slave To Lick My Shit From My Dirty Shoes

Mistress Gaia is training a new toilet slave and the good is that he really hate shit. So for him the ordeal is almost unbearable. Merciless and cruel Gaia orders him to lick her dirty shoe soles clean and when the slave thoughts he has finished, she empties her bowel and her bladder in two dog bowls, and steps on the piss and then on the shit, ordering the scared slave to clean her shoe from the stinking brownie. The slave does his best but it is never enough for the Mistress that want him to drink all the piss in the bowl. Mistress Gaia is confident that this slave will soon become her new toilet slave, but the training will be hard and long.


Worship Good ShitWorship Good Shit

Kneeling on my throne, My female slave has to wait for my daily need to use the toilet, using her as a toilet. Today I have a lot, but a lot of shit?


Shit CessShit Cess

Here it is served your meal, shit cess! Delicious, very hot shit, all in your mouth, to worship, to savor, to lick ... mmm .... very hot.



A long weekend is over, I didn't eat according to my strict diet ... but something else that My stomach digests with difficulty ... I can only use My female slave to make her taste a new flavor ?


Looser Cock

This slave is a perfect human toilet ? he eats my chocolate and drinks my piss completely, without complaining, in fact he is excited when he does it, but now I want to stimulate his dick ... but it will be very disappointing!

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