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Ella Gilbert

Another Desperate MorningAnother Desperate Morning

I could barely hold my poop..the traces on the floor proves it and in the end I had to leave my shit go lol
After I poop, I light myself a cig and take a sit in it and as I smoke I describe how I feel siting in my shit; By the time I finish my cig I also completly hide my anal beads deep inside my tight asshole a couple of times.
I grab my lollipop glass toy and after lightning another cig up Im gonna fuck my ass and make myself cum right after I take a few sips of coffee...

Ella Gilbert

Using U As My Toilet And AshtrayUsing U As My Toilet And Ashtray

Today I dont wanna use my toilet, I wanna use u to empty me up and lick me clean also. I’m not in the mood to use my normal ashtray either so, I’m gonna make u clean me and around me while calling u names. U’re gonna love following my orders!

Ella Gilbert

Yellow Full of Shit TightsYellow Full of Shit Tights

Today I chose to enjoy my coffee wearing a pair of yellow tight and nude heels. It wont take long after I light my cig up, to fill those tights up with a huge pile of shit.
I will, then, ask u to come and smell my shitty ass as I finish my cig. After a while I will pull my tights down and show u what a huge mess Ive made. U gotta get down on ur knees,lick and suck my toes, get ur cock hard and wank it hard as I fuck my asshole, clean it up completly and fart in ur face!!


Beads and Shit SuckingBeads and Shit Sucking

I put my beads inside my asshole, 2 pair of beads, and im waiting a little bit to start the party:)) hahaha. I m waiting for someone to come online to see me and then i start pooping them out, omg such a big shit is coming out in the same time with the beads. I just love it, i get so horny, so playful! I take my huge black dildo and i fuck a little my asshole and after this i start sucking my big turd, ohh is looking like a cock, i suck it so badly, so nice and wet! I wanna feel the taste in my mouth, mmm. Enjoy!

Scat Shop

Tina Amazon - Bodysuit Tease Then ShitTina Amazon - Bodysuit Tease Then Shit

Looking really sexy in my nude bodysuit, I show off my perfect goddess body. Then I take a big thick shit for you to jerk off to.

Unknown Studios

TwistedTreehouse - Diaper Messing OutsideTwistedTreehouse - Diaper Messing Outside

I love wearing my diapers in public. I've wet them in public before, but never messed. I decided that today would be a good day to try. I go outside on my front porch, squat and fill my diaper. You can hear the cars rush by. I wonder if they know what I'm messing myself like a baby right in front of them? Good thing I'm outside, though, because I made a really stinky mess. Of course messing my diaper always makes me horny, so I can't resist the urge to stick a hand inside and touch myself. I look around to see if anyone is watching. I live next to a convenience store, so someone could walk by at any moment and see me playing with myself. But the excitement of being seen in a messy diaper makes it even hotter. I stroke my clit until I make a big cummies in my diaper as cars keep whizzing by.

Dirty Betty, SweetBettyParlour

PWN My HOLES With Dirty EndPWN My HOLES With Dirty End

New super hot video about training my holes)
This time I took my favorite dragon dildo) As you may have guessed, this could not go without a portion of the dirty stuff) at the end of the video, I just could not resist and enjoyed the taste of my excrement, it was not forgotten) Tart, slightly nutty flavor of my chocolate, which I like a bitch licking my dirty shit dildo) great video for lovers of truly candid and erotic scenes) I Love you. Stay tuned.

Ella Gilbert

Taking UR Shit Covered Cock EverywhereTaking UR Shit Covered Cock Everywhere

This video is all about going extra deep with Ryans cock and my fist. Long deep strokes emptying us both, starting off with my largest plug inside while only wearing lip stick before covering my body in oil. I am all slippery while I talk to U, telling U how much I love being your naughty girl with my ass gaping while being pumped deep. I even pump lube deep in my ass, so U get deep long strokes. Using Ryan’s big cock and my fist to empty all my sweet poo and cum. I’ll show you how much I love this big thick cock deep in my ass and mouth . I fuck my perfect ass facing the cam on my knees, on my back & on a side. I give U a close up while I’m fisting my perfect ass extra deep, before I take Ur messy cock against my face and in my mouth. I Show U how deep I can fist my ass until U cum hard for me. Then slap Ur big black messy cock against myr beautiful face before sliding U deep in my mouth.I make Ryan’s big cock Cum his second load down my throat. My red lipstick is all smeared on my face with my poo also.


Perverse Mom Is Tricking Her SonPerverse Mom Is Tricking Her Son

Custom video request: “Basically we go home like I picked you up at a Halloween party. (Dressed in a wig and my moms clothes little black dress, makeup, and pantyhose) You go to bathroom bring out shit and say I have to eat it if I want to fuck you. You tease sweetly mock displaying ass and awesome nylon feet sucking. Then shit on your bottoms of your nylon feet. How could you shit too big loads… Reveal I ate my moms shit as you start laughing, you took it from her toilet bowel, which was stewing for a month while she was on vacation! Tease me how you tricked me, but you start to fuck me for following along;
When you say I am balls deep take off your mask revealing you are my mom back from your trip! You tried to surprise me in your sexy costume and you were only going to tease me, but when you had mentioned eating your shit at the club and I started fingering you… you knew I could have no other woman and must be your sole lover as your sissy “faggot” toilet son!
General play trick and reveal you are my mom. Deep pussy and ass fucking. Extreme turd sucking/ shit on lips and extreme smearing.”


Touwa Erio Is Having fun With Her Alien FriendTouwa Erio Is Having fun With Her Alien Friend

Touwa Erio after mysteriously disappeared for six months and had found floating in the sea with no memories. She began having an extreme fascination with aliens. Because she has a very awkward personality she is really shy and is feeling alone, but when she meet her new “alien” friend, she start to explore more and she wanna see what he likes and what not. She is having sex with her alien friend, she cums, she squirt, she pee and she poop in front of her friend. Enjoy!

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