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MistressAnna - Scat Giant SMistressAnna - Scat Giant S

"Like any career girl, I have had to learn to multi-task.

Using slaves as toilets is a convenience, not a job.

So, just because there is a former human being waiting
beneath my perfect asshole to be used as a receptacle for
a huge amount of shit doesn't mean I can't take a few moments
to check my text messages!

The slave is well trained enough that it doesn't need much instructions,
other than "open it", not "open your mouth" - IT is no longer a mouth
but a shit hole and is no longer his, but mine!

"Open your shit hole, toilet".

You get to see a beautiful shot of my asshole and cunt poised above
the toilet's face waiting for a huge massive load.

This time there is no ass worship.

I have become comfortable enough to use the toilet without prior
stimulation so you see a slave reduced to pure shit toilet servitude,
serving as nothing but a sewer."

ElecebrA, Elecebra-Club

Elecebra-club (4th Mar 2017) - Great rivers of pukeElecebra-club (4th Mar 2017) - Great rivers of puke

Elecebra needs no introduction. In this clips she:
- pisses into a bowl
- shits on the table
- swallows some of the shit
- vomits into the piss bowl
- drinks piss+vomit+shit mix from the bowl
- pukes it all back again...

Unknown Studios

Gingerspyce - I Squirt As I Shit for You Daddy: LiveGingerspyce - I Squirt As I Shit for You Daddy: Live

Gingerspyce is a webcam amateur, she has a few squirt videos out there where she's fucking her ass with a dildo, pushing hard, and a little something pops out.

In this video, she's doing a private session for "daddy" and is fucking her ass with a glass dildo. It gradually gets dirtier and dirtier, and she starts to get into it the further the video.


MFX-1209 - Hungry Bitches - aka 2 Girls 1 CupMFX-1209 - Hungry Bitches - aka 2 Girls 1 Cup

Karla and Latifa are two girls who just want to have fun. Latifa says that she is hungry, but Karla do not have any food to offer. But this is not a big problem for Latifa who wants to surprise Karla with a special warm meal. She shits a big poop on the glass so they can delight themselves and they do it! In addition they serve some delicious vomit and have a great meal!

Unknown Studios

Veronica Moser solo scene from Sperrgebiet 36Veronica Moser solo scene from Sperrgebiet 36

A moderately young Veronica starts by fucking her ass with an inflatable butt plug. She pumps it up and pushes it out. Of course, there is a massive load of shit stuck to the end of it once she pushes it out. She licks and sucks the dirty butt plug for a while. Then she picks up the huge load and stuffs her mouth with it. It doesn't all fit, but she tries her best. She takes it out of her mouth and shows the hole that her tongue created in the load. Then the best part... she completely covers her face with it. At this point, the entirety of her face is covered with a thick layer of shit. She sucks it off of her fingers and rubs it into her face. This is the best shit mask I've ever seen.

Unknown Studios

Sucking Shitty Dick - ScatloversSucking Shitty Dick - Scatlovers

This short homemade amateur scat scene is a POV shit covered blowjob scene. It's impossible to determine if the shit belongs to the guy or the blonde girl as it has already been shat out onto the floor prior to the start of the video. The video begins with the lady giving a shit free handjob using white rubber gloves and as it progresses she picks up the shit and smears the dick with it while continuing the handjob. Once the dicks is sufficiently dirty she starts sucking it off and only gags and spits a little as her mouth and face gets pretty dirty. I don't know if a longer version is out there or know who the couple are but it's a nice little scene.

Unknown Studios

Shitmaster 06 Frauensache by Z-FaktorShitmaster 06 Frauensache by Z-Faktor

Alena and her neighbor, Carola, are two hot beavers. With these two, horniness knows no frontiers. Fingers are already in the right holes and shit begins to poor. Sabrina has had a crush for long time on her friend Biggi. As the two are alone again, they know no inhibitions. The girls shit and piss each other in the mouth and play with their shit. Bianca and Maria can be told from their partners 'cause they keep a small talk about shit and stuff, but in the course of the perverse act they get always hot and the girls are increasing in unexpectedly climbing to a sex ecstasy.

The movie contains 3 scenes. The first two are lesbian - girl only. Both girls first perform a little foreplay with kissing and fondling, sixty-nine, and then they eventually get into more serious stuff: pissing and shitting upon each other, into each other's mouth, and smearing scat all over their bodies, pussies and faces. In both scenes there are some toys involved.
The third scene features two girls and two men, but there is no sexual intercourse other than some oral but no cumshots. It is mainly about the girls performing a lesbian sex act with the scat aftertaste. One of the girls apparently can't take it too well and she pukes. The men pee on girls and into their mouths. There is some cigarette smoking and wine drinking as well.


5 cam videos5 cam videos

Opens with her sitting on a red couch with a white tank-top and black panties. She shits and pisses in a glass bowl. She stuffs the entire load into her mouth, chews it up, and swallows it (it takes a good seven minutes to get it all down). Then she gags herself with a long straw (and then a red dildo) and pukes it all back into the bowl. Then she eats it all again. Then fuckers herself in the ass with a large bottle. This leads to more shitting. She swallows all of that shit. It ends with her puking it all back up onto herself while she plays with her pussy.

NastyChinkyToy, Unknown Studios

NastyChinkyToy - 4 VideosNastyChinkyToy - 4 Videos

I am Jureka, a nasty chinky slut. I love degrading myself and being used for a lot of fun. They say I am easy-going, low on self-esteem, always up for some kinky stuff. I can get cheap and filthy at will. I don’t speak much. But, I burp shamelessly when I am happy. Come see for yourself… play with me. The mind-blowing, supercharged show I deliver feature, among others, messy games, filthy swallow job, deepthroat, gagging, big insertions, role play, and foot job. It includes lesbian shows and female domination of the same order. I do not indulge in sexual acts with male partners or pain, whether it be given or received.

Unknown Studios

E64-01 - Desperate girls poopingE64-01 - Desperate girls pooping

Japanese women desperate for a shit, squatting down at public restrooms. Some are so desperate that they end up dropping their load in their panties or on the floor.

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