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Tina Amazon - White Floral DressTina Amazon - White Floral Dress

My ass looks so good in this short little white dress. Watch me show off then bend over and push out a big thick firm shit.

AstraCelestial, Scat Shop

AstraCelestial - Scat Bitches SDAstraCelestial - Scat Bitches SD

"Hello guys, it is Matilda and Amelia.

So this video you are facing should be probably called “Amelia, Losing Lesbo Virginity” because we decided to make lesbian video for you. And it was her first lesbian experience at all, And the most funny thing that it passed in so extreme surroundings:).

So, here is our great video, Amelia doing fine, exploring her dirty and filthy sides.

See yourself.

Scat Shop

Lilith - Sensual Shit Slave 720pLilith - Sensual Shit Slave 720p

"I am absolutely perverted, passionate shit eater and shit lover, it is a torture to spend day without my shit in my pussy or in my stomach.

Entirely perverted I let myself go completely when it is about shit, vomit or slutty behaving. I adore to become dirty inside and outside, for this new video I have bought a lot of new toys so I could fuck myself completely and hard.

Shit on me, fuck me hard."

In the first two parts of this solo scat scene Lilith smears shit on herself, masturbates and uses anal beads and a butt plug. For a short while she also pinches her labia with a pair of pliers.

The second half takes place in the bath tub to release several enamas and smear more shit on herself before returning to the bedroom to rub it in her hair and masturbate to orgasm.

Scat Shop

Dirty Lena minipack (mostly 720p)Dirty Lena minipack (mostly 720p)

A collection of videos from Dirty Lena, a young petite scat lover from I've collected these from various places around the web, most of which I have converted to 720p but there is one full HD clip.

All of these are solo scenes that take place in either the bathroom or the bedroom. They contain lots of dirty anal dildo fucking and sucking, smearing and gaping. There's also a bit of foodplay, with a cucumber insertion and what I can only describe as a banana enema, cutting out the middle man in the fruits digestive properties! In one of the clips Lena also eats her shit and pukes, and eats again. Finally there's also a bit of piss drinking which in perspective sounds quite vanilla! It's a disgusting pack, enjoy!

Ella Gilbert

Your Shit SlutYour Shit Slut

I am your shit slut and u called me today cause u know I’m the best. Im wearing a pair of fishnet tights, a black bra and a choker. I start by shiting all over ur cock through those tights and then ride ur perfect big fat cock facing u and the other way around. U fuck my tight lovely full of shit asshole till it gapes allowing u to see my lovely rosebud. We both cum like crazy mixing my shit with ur cum...

Unknown Studios

Power Pissing Annie Removed Videos MegapackPower Pissing Annie Removed Videos Megapack

10 videos of Annie pissing & shitting which are no longer available on power-pissing...

Scat Shop, Unknown Studios

Tina Amazon - Pink Lace Dress - Taking a Big ShitTina Amazon - Pink Lace Dress - Taking a Big Shit

Wearing a tight sexy pink lace dress I tease you with my perfect body. Talking dirty I take a big shit from behind.

Dirty Betty, SweetBettyParlour

Truly Dirty Handjob “n” BlowjobTruly Dirty Handjob “n” Blowjob

Hello everyone!) I am 23 years old, I live in frosty distant country!) More than anything, I like dirty toilet things, I married and had recently given birth, but this does not prevent me from doing my favorite shitty things. My collection is constantly replenished, I like to experiment, to invent something new in my video!) The video quality has also improved, I specifically bought a new camera!) Follow my updates and see you soon!)
PS: I also shoot video on demand, and sell my shit panties details will be soon!)

Ella Gilbert

Another Desperate MorningAnother Desperate Morning

I could barely hold my poop..the traces on the floor proves it and in the end I had to leave my shit go lol
After I poop, I light myself a cig and take a sit in it and as I smoke I describe how I feel siting in my shit; By the time I finish my cig I also completly hide my anal beads deep inside my tight asshole a couple of times.
I grab my lollipop glass toy and after lightning another cig up Im gonna fuck my ass and make myself cum right after I take a few sips of coffee...

Ella Gilbert

Using U As My Toilet And AshtrayUsing U As My Toilet And Ashtray

Today I dont wanna use my toilet, I wanna use u to empty me up and lick me clean also. I’m not in the mood to use my normal ashtray either so, I’m gonna make u clean me and around me while calling u names. U’re gonna love following my orders!

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