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OPUD-256 Scattered Sanction Of Widowed Widow - MistressOPUD-256 Scattered Sanction Of Widowed Widow - Mistress

To the former purple who lost her husband in the accident, an e-mail arrives from two women who call themselves a husband's lover. Believing that a deceased husband can not make a mistress Shiho comes to the mistress. Waiting was a mistress oppressed by the power of zaibatsu ....Merciful scatology sanctions of mistresses begin.

Abigail Dupree, Scat Shop

Abigail Dupree - Master Poops into my Ass 1080pAbigail Dupree - Master Poops into my Ass 1080p

Pass The Total Power Exchange – I have no problem getting up close and personal with my own fact, I even enjoy it. But when it comes to someone else’s excrement, I want nothing to do with it… Even if it is coming from the man I would give my life for. Well it has been 8 months since I have taken a shit like a normal human being would in most situations. Being a sex worker that specializes in extreme anal feats and because bathroom play is prohibited in most places that I display my work, I make sure to thoroughly clean out before every shift on cam with my fool proof enema routine. It has become second nature to clean out during my morning shower and one more time right before I am ready for my night of anal debauchery. I had forgotten what it felt like to take a shit and personally wanted to experience that feeling again but also make sure my health was in check. I stopped doing enemas all together and awaited the urge to arrive with anticipation. I ate more than I typically do and added many poop inducing ingredients like cabbage, brussels sprouts, beans, lentils, prunes, fiberous vegetables and the occasional fast food grease bomb. 14 days passed with nothing more than an occasional feeling of a movement coming in the distance and a few days of being more gassy than usual. Master had given me a deadline that ended today, I had failed to shit and the tension and stress was rising in me with no sign of a turd anywhere. He had woken with the same dream twice in one week wherein he took a shit directly into my asshole and took that as a sign from the universe that that was what needed to happen. I halfway thought he was kidding or just trying to scare the shit out of me and motivate my bowels. But no, he was dead serious. I told Him that he would need to demand this from me as it is something that I would not otherwise or in any other situation. He held his shit for as long as he could while he set up the cameras and prepared the setting for me to serve Him in. He has me insert my large tunnel plug (The Pig Hole Deep 2 by Oxballs) into my ass. With much banter and agonizing pleas for Him not to go through with it, I finally realize my fate and submit to his cute freckled ass lowering down onto my gaping ass and in a matter of seconds, I was filled with His shit. Please do enjoy watching this rare capture of love and defilement in an exchange of Power and … yup…shit.

Unknown Studios

Wet and Wild Puke on the Patio - PrincessPuckie - Full HD 1080 (Vomit Porn Girl, Eat Puke)Wet and Wild Puke on the Patio - PrincessPuckie - Full HD 1080 (Vomit Porn Girl, Eat Puke)

Do You Really Think You’re Ready For All This? Sweet & Intimate Yet Wet & Wild Puke Play with Princess Puckie!
Tits out in my black bodysuit sitting pretty on a sunlit patio, I show off the kool-aid and bananas I’m gonna stuff myself with and the toys I’m gonna use to erupt myself everywhere! (1.30min) I dirty talk and make cute remarks while propped up on a patio bench, showing off my curves while stuffing my mouth with bananas and gulping red kool-aid (3min). I then pull out my 16” purple jelly dildo and begin fucking my throat til I puke my pretty red banana guts all over my self, giving my black bodysuit the truly wet look. I rub it all over myself, smearing it on my legs and revealing my tits to get it everywhere while talking dirty and giggling and smiling. I suck on my dirty fingers too! I then bring the camera up close shot video selfie style so you can see me vomit and fuck and suck the puddle of puke pooling between my tits in my bodysuit. I moan while rubbing my tits and pussy with wet puke…I need to take this bodysuit off! (6 pukes in this scene, 5min).

The angle changes and you’re looking up on me completely naked except for white thigh high stockings. I dirty talk while I rub my shaved pussy and peel a banana…I start fucking it and moaning…I rub one banana chunk on my clit while I use my other hand to fuck my pussy til I cum! Then I eat up the banana I stuffed in my pussy! I switch positions and go doggystyle. I stuff my ass with a banana chunk & push them out two times and eat them both times! I switch angles so you’re EXTREMELY close to my pussy and asshole, I push a banana chunk out one more time and eat it with a giggle. I have a mini prolapse twice in this scene and pee a little (8min).
New Scene! Back to Puking! I fuck my throat with the jelly dildo and throw up on my tits and suck on them and lick them while dirty talking (6 pukes in this scene, 3min). Next scene I take out my dildo and stick it in my puke slop and suck on it and fuck it eagerly while moaning til I cum! (5min)


Workship my Thick Ass FreakWorkship my Thick Ass Freak

I start out wearing some tight booty shorts and little white panties! I slowly pull them down and ask if you are ready to worship my thick ass! I massage and slap my bubble butt cheeks! I pull them up my ass crack and call you a FREAK! I bet you would love to smell my dirty butt hole!
I pull the panties off and show you where it was touching my ass. I sniff and tell you more about it. I bet you want to actually see a big turd slide out of my ass! I take a big SHIT in my hands and ask if you want to smell it?
Your so disgusting aren’t you! I sniff the turd and tell you what it smells like. I slowly lick it up and down and roll my eyes back in ecstasy!
Do you like that FREAK? Do you want me to rub it on my pussy? I run it very softly on my pussy lips. I wrap the turd in my panties. Do you want me to suck this turd? I suck it like a fat dick and rub my clip while in complete ecstasy!

Unknown Studios

Messy Extreme Anal - Kaidence KingMessy Extreme Anal - Kaidence King

I walk in wearing sexy red and black lingerie with stockings and suspenders. I tell you I know how long you’ve been wanting to fuck my ass, and I’m finally going to let you tonight. But I need to prepare my ass first. I show you my huge, 12 inch dildo, which is the length of my entire forearm. I sensually strip then just as I’m about to slide the dildo in my ass, I realise I need to shit. So I shit, right in front of you. Then I take the dildo and slide it in my ass, using the shit as lube. I do loads of really messy anal, talking dirty to you the whole time, telling you how it feels and how badly I want you in my ass. Then I slide the footlong dildo all the way inside me, making it completely disappear. All you can see is my shitty asshole. Then I shit the dildo out, with some more shit coming out after it. I get on all fours right in front of you, and I’ve made such a mess, it’s not just on my ass, there’s even some shit on my pussy lips. I tell you I want your dick in my ass, right now.


OPUD-233 Ultra-luxury Scat Soap Juri AyuharaOPUD-233 Ultra-luxury Scat Soap Juri Ayuhara

Ultra-high-end Scatological Soap that can enjoy golden play with the finest beautiful woman! Mumping a lot of feces urinated with plump ass with your own eyes! Invite a fist to her pussy and beat her violently erotic lol!

Unknown Studios

Haisetsu Haisetuya OHOHIS-12 Enema shit 3Haisetsu Haisetuya OHOHIS-12 Enema shit 3

Girls are given enemas before pooping, but the highlight is the final girl who is at her limit but isn't allowed to poop until given permission. She is teased for a while before being allowed to release her giant poop.


Aesthetic Vomit SessionAesthetic Vomit Session

New premium videos for fans of vomit) In this video I tried to consider all wishes of my fans, and created one of the hottest videos on the topic of vomiting) don’t miss on this really worth to watch!)) Love you, stay in touch)

This video is a 7.5 minute pukey blowjob. She jerks his cock and uses her fingers to puke a few times.

Unknown Studios

AVGL-107 Hina Ootsuka - Intense Torture Vol. 2 (2008) 480pAVGL-107 Hina Ootsuka - Intense Torture Vol. 2 (2008) 480p

1st scene: she is 'tortured' by some guys in several ways like with a plastic on her nose and mouth stopping her from breathing, touching her tonge and eyes so she looks funny, paper preachers on her tongue and ends with a face fuck and facial.

2nd scene: she is tied with legs open and someone uses some wires on her mouth and nose. a guy sticks papers in her nose trying to make her feel uncomfortable. vibrator on her tits and pussy. someone uses tweezers to remove hair from her nose. wine is poured on her body while she pisses. fake cum is poured on her body while someone fingers her.

3rd scene: she poops in a plate, tastes the poop and spreads it on her body. she masturbates with a vibrator and puts the poop in a plastic bag.

4th scene: she starts this part all cleaned and tied until someone throws poop on her face and pussy. she is fingered and gets fucked missionary.

5th scene: plastic bag on her face till she cant hold it anymore, the guy cuts the bag with scissors. Then some guys piss in the bag so she cant breath again. bag is torn and she gets fucked missionary style while another girl pisses and poops on her belly.
she gets fucked till the end of the scene while the guy passes poop all over her body and face. theres also piss in mouth at the end.


World Record Turd Stuck and in TearsWorld Record Turd Stuck and in Tears

I love to torture myself by holding my poop for days! It tries to slip out and I suck it back in! I do this for as long as I can until I am in tears!
When the time comes I go into my bathroom and try and push it out! It hurts so much I want to cry! I work past it and push out a giant! I am so turned on and get a RUSH! I fuck my already worn out butt hole with a giant smile!

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