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SamanthaStarfish, Scat Shop

Found A Poopy Baby Diaper!Found A Poopy Baby Diaper!

Samantha Starfish finds a baby diaper in the thrash at a public restroom. She get's curious and decided to open it. She gets excited after smelling and seeing the shit in the diaper. She tastes it, and eats a small piece.


Louise Hunter - Shit Happens Every DayLouise Hunter - Shit Happens Every Day

Louise Hunter returned after a long break - craving for action and hungrier than ever! Per her own request she spent a memorable weekend with (and mainly under) a gang of gentlemen who gladly provided her with the means to satisfy her needs. Not often do you see a girl that happy, just because shit happened every day....

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SexyScatForYou E39 Return Of The Puppy PadSexyScatForYou E39 Return Of The Puppy Pad

I have been away for a while but am back for good! In this video I tease you with a little up close crowning before full release on a puppy pad ?? ENJOY!

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SexyScatForYou E45SexyScatForYou E45

I put in my black butt plug, play a little bit and then push it out before pushing out a nice sized load while fingering my pretty pink pussy. Rear view

Kitty returns and she stimulates her shit filled bum hole with a butt plug. She gets out the puppy pad and with her arse facing the camera, she winces her bum hole once, the butt plug falls out and a few moments later, she takes a shit right on the puppy pad.

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SexyScatForYou E7 Poop On Puppy Pad Frontal ViewSexyScatForYou E7 Poop On Puppy Pad Frontal View

Watch me poop on my dogs puppy pad this is frontal view so hot ;)


Chew. Swallow... Cum With Me! (Poop Videos, Toilet Slavery)Chew. Swallow... Cum With Me! (Poop Videos, Toilet Slavery)

You’ve been good to me lately, slave. Very good. You’ve taken care of every order and service I’ve asked for and more. I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe… you deserve a treat. For your good behavior. Would you like that, slave? All the other ones did–whether or not they did well, but you never ask for it. I tease you while asking what you’d like, touching and showcasing my tight, pert tits… would you like to touch them, slave? Feel how soft they are? Yeah? HAH! As if! No, slave, I’m going to give you a treat that’s befitting for you… something you REALLY deserve!

I spread my asscheeks, offering you full view of my pert asshole. Are you ready, slave? Because today, I’m gonna downgrade you to a full human toilet. You’re gonna get under your Mistress’ throne and swallow all the shit that comes out my ass… Open your mouth as I feed you, take it all… can you smell my super wet, dripping pussy through the smell? Touch yourself and chew that shit, slave. Jerk off while you work all that shit in your mouth. I’m fingering my pussy while shitting, feeling those turds inside as they pushy their way out… I finger myself faster, getting close… You’re not allowed to swallow until you cum with me on my count...…

Unknown Studios

Fruity Sludge Puke Fuck - PrincessPuckieFruity Sludge Puke Fuck - PrincessPuckie

The scene begins with me playing with my dildo, slapping it on my tits and pussy, drooling on myself, rubbing it on my clit, enjoying myself…”But I need like a wet cum, a sloppy wet pukey pussy cum.” I start gagging on my fingers and puke on myself, 3 times! I rub my fruity sludge into my pussy and suck on my dirty fingers, throatfucking til I puke again alll over them. I laugh and smear the puke into my tits and my body so I am slick and shiny. (4min)

Next scene you can see my whole body, the floor covered in puke and my pussy smeared with it. But it isn’t enough, I want more! I gag myself with fingers and puke again on myself….I touch my pussy, puking turns me on! I gag strawberry guts on myself and pick up gooey chunks of fruit vomit, giggling and moaning as I finger my clit in it. “Nasty, nasty girl!” I throatfuck myself with a dildo and the sploosh of a big hurl comes out and then another! My filthy sludge runs down my pussy, it’s primed for fucking, so sloppy wet, I fuck myself with the dildo for a bit with a huge grin and suck it off…”I need more puke, I need more.” The dildo is so big in me and I start squealing…”Oh that feels so fucking good…Oh My God! I need to cum…” I swear and look at you with wild eyes as I cum on my fat dildo! (6min)

Next scene features more views of the massive puddle of puke slop, nasty hot close-ups of my filthy pussy as I smear it in puke, fingerfucking my throat til I puke (twice!) I rub the dildo in the acidic sludge on the floor before sticking it in my tight cunt and moaning as I fuck myself, titties bouncing. I tell you “I could cum again, but I don’t deserve to until I puke more for you!” Massive load of mushy banana guts spills out of me and I go back to the goopy slop, dripping it all over my cunt. My puke is so hot I think I did a good job so I go back to dildo fucking myself for you and moaning and talking dirty, “I’m a dirty whore just covered in it, smeared in it…it’s everywhere, all over me” I drip handfuls of it all over me til my body whole is gross and wet…”Now this dirty whore can cum!” I squeal and breathe heavy as I fuck myself with the dildo til I cum again!! I drool and stick my tongue out and begin to suck my pukey pussy juice off the dildo POV for you…”Your turn! Don’t you wanna cum on my face or in my mouth?”


Gigantic Poop on his CockGigantic Poop on his Cock

I tease my partner with my big ass and talk to him about the turd I have been saving for him. My poop feels like its so big and will rip my ass open! I sit and ride his dick and suck it good. I then push out the enormous monster poop onto him. I wrap his dick around my mess and jerk it for him. I give it a little taste and he explodes in my mouth!


Jean Shorts Huge Log Play DayJean Shorts Huge Log Play Day

I ripped these tiny jean shorts! I was home for three days saving this massive log for you! Enjoy me pushing it out and watch it get stuck in my stretched hole! Watch me stuff it in my mouth and pleasure myself!

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kittysscatshop - SexyScatForYou E32 iNTERNALkittysscatshop - SexyScatForYou E32 iNTERNAL

I ran out of puppy pads so the floor is the next best thing ?? I play with my pussy for a little bit before i cant hold my poop any longer. Afterward i squat over the toilet for a pee and then give another closeup of my “accident” on the floor..

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