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Scat Movie World - MEGAPACK - 132 videos (720p/1080p)Scat Movie World - MEGAPACK - 132 videos (720p/1080p)

Young Mistresses play with slaves. Best Femdom clips with the most beautiful ladies and Mistresses. They educate slaves to mindless beings. They XXX and trample with high heels, sneakers and boots. They can be their dirty boots, shoe soles, feet and socks lick clean. They spit on her Pigs. Money slaves are exploited mercilessly. and slaves tongues have always something to do.

Themes include: Scat/shit, pee/piss, vomit, ballbusting, cbt, trampling, needles etc.

Unknown Studios

LHBY-092 - Mothers force their daughters to clean shitty toiletsLHBY-092 - Mothers force their daughters to clean shitty toilets

Teenage girls are filthy and messy and might leave the toilet dirty without a care in the world. But these mothers have had enough of their daughters and force them to clean toilets that are all covered in shit. They forcibly drag their bare hands over the toilet bowls and push their faces down into it.

The girls scream, cry and beg for mercy as the mothers hold them down and even takes off some of the girls' clothes for them to use to clean up.

The girls are left humiliated and dirty but at least the toilet bowls do look nicer.

Unknown Studios

SUOZ-04 - Japanese women soiling themselves in publicSUOZ-04 - Japanese women soiling themselves in public

Several clips of japanese women having to endure the humiliation of accidentally pooping their panties in public and having men strip them of their bottom half - some of them even wiping their assholes clean for them. All dignity is lost and all that is left are soiled panties.

Phowa House

PGFD-025 - Don’t vomit in my car! 1080pPGFD-025 - Don’t vomit in my car! 1080p

Girls in a car trying not to puke. They end up vomiting some nasty vomits.

Unknown Studios

SZB-01 - Shitting in front of classmate - Giga-freeks UnkooMorashiSZB-01 - Shitting in front of classmate - Giga-freeks UnkooMorashi

After a teacher and a student share a meal, they both get an acute case of food poisoning. The need for a restroom is urgent but the toilet is occupied. The female teacher collapses on the staircase after looking for another restroom and shits her panties, forcing her to change and wipe herself when she finds a toilet.

The student does not even make it out of class and has to endure the humiliation of a fellow classmate helping her change out of her soiled panties.

History tends to repeat itself and they both have to suffer this fate twice.


Princess Poop Lover!Princess Poop Lover!

I am the princess of dirty, poopy diapers! I love filling my diapers up with huge nasty, stinky messes! Watch me grunt and moan as I push and push a huge load into my cute pink diaper!

Oh it stinks! I have such a dirty butt! Look at the bulge where my poo is! Do you want to touch it? Touch my stinky butt and rub my messy diaper! I smell so bad, but it turns me on! I love having a dirty diaper! My mess is squishing all over my bum! I love it!

Watch me stuff my finger into my poopy diaper! My finger comes out covered in poo! I want to smell it and taste it! I love my poop.

Do you want to see inside my diaper? Watch as I slowly take my messy diaper off and show you the nasty, smeared mess all over my butt and in my diaper! Mmm! It smells good. I wonder how it tastes…



60 Loads!60 Loads!

This is the ENTIRE 60 Loads Shit Adventure!

If you want all of the 60 loads videos, this is the best deal! You get the entire adventure for $50! That is less than half the cost if you were to buy them all separately!

This is the most extreme scat collection I’ve ever done! I saved up 60 loads of my shit, defrosted it all, and then played with it for over two hours in a kiddie pool! In those two hours I fucked, stuffed, and ate my shit! I smeared it all over my body, face, and even up my ass and cunt!

This video is a must buy! I promise you, your cock will thank you! I can not stop masturbating to these videos! I keep watching them over and over again! I know you will want to as well!

You get:
The Beginning
Fresh Shit
Piss Smearing
Ass Fucking
Pussy Fucking
Pussy Shit Stuffing
Tittie Fucking
Dirtiest Panties Ever
Come Play With Me
Poo Shampoo
Chocolate Syrup

I’ve filmed this adventure with my GoPro and my regular camera so you get both views for the price of one!

Ella Gilbert, Scat Shop

Pooping my Pink PantyhosePooping my Pink Pantyhose

This is an amazing new clip from Ella, where she takes an incredibly massive shit into her pink pantyhose and then
proceeds to fuck her filthy whore shithole with a very large toy indeed!

Whilst fucking her naughty asshole, there's a lot more diarrhea shit flowing from Ella's beautiful asshole,
which makes for one hell of a messy ass, as you can see from the screens!

Enjoy, this is one of her best yet!


DirtyBetty Super Public Wc ExtremeDirtyBetty Super Public Wc Extreme

Meet my new SUPER EXTREME PUBLIC TOILET video)) This is one of the coolest, hot, lewd, dirty, and breath-taking video in my collection)) a GIANT PILE of fresh, delicious and aromatic the shit I smear all over my body (face, tongue, chest, belly, and even on clothes) in a public toilet I wasn’t alone, there were people who smelled my fragrances) You will find a real EXPLOSION of emotions, enjoy my hot dirty Masturbation, dirty smudge, and sexual testing the taste of shit!))) HEAD WITH ME IN A PUBLIC TOILET, and I’ll show you what means a REAL SHIT GAME!)) In the video you will find all that you love, and even more…MUCH more!) Leave feedback, and I will create some more videos on this topic))) I LOVE YOU stay in touch))

Anna Coprofield, Scat Shop

My feet receive a portion of shit (Part 1 and Part 2)My feet receive a portion of shit (Part 1 and Part 2)

I returned home after a short walk, I’m wearing a skirt and shoes with low soles.I take off my shoes and little massaging the feet with oil,I rub my feet on the toy,then fuck pussy with that toy.Then I piss and shit big pile on my oiled feet. Very nice feeling warm and soft shit on my feet…mmm…I smear shit on the toy and feet,legs…I lick shit from my toes a bit and spit it.A lot of smearing and feet in this video, if you’re a foot fetishist and scat lover,welcome)

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