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DLEE-069 Peeping shot, alleyway scatDLEE-069 Peeping shot, alleyway scat

The girls sneak into an alley to poop in public.

ModelNatalya94, Scat Shop

E134 Cigarette And My ShitE134 Cigarette And My Shit

I decided to sit down to smoke a cigarette , and then I wanted strongly in a toilet . I did not leave the room and decided to record a video for you …. In this video you will see how I shit and smoke a cigarette , once from my ass , released a large amount of crap I took his shit in his hands and started playing with him . Extinguish the cigarette, I stuck the butt into his anus and began liberally coating her Clit crap . On my hands was a lot of shit . Want to have an obedient slut who will do videos for you shooting what you want , do not hesitate to write I’m waiting just for you . I’m your slave and ready to be her just for you ! I am in search of his master who will humiliate me and zastovlyaet to remove it is very depraved video .

Scat Shop

SexyScatForYou E24 iNTERNALSexyScatForYou E24 iNTERNAL

Once I am sure the camera shows my face this time… I start playing with my pussy but end up needing to shit right away.. and pee after. Ends with closeup shit and wiping my ass. Please excuse the cat that walks in randomly lol...

AstraCelestial, Scat Shop

Scat BeastsScat Beasts

Here is one more our Video full of filth. Welcome Aria, Lilith and Christine.
In this scat session we have mostly female scat, anal and enemas and of course saved scat baggs in the end for dessert.

This was sweet day and sweet fuck where everybody were satisfied several times in a straights, Aria oppened for herself new anal horisons, Christine was mstly filming but in some moment she lost it and teared the clothes away for joining us.
First we did it in female and male scat, then become mad about enemas, you will not believe it, in some moment we began to do and to do enemas on each other, one after enother in endless enema circle, Than sweet fuck with tonns of saved shit…
Yes, that day was great indeed!

Unknown Studios

PrincessPuckie - Puke Mouth Part 2PrincessPuckie - Puke Mouth Part 2

Part 2 opens with thick brown chunks of vomit already all over the floor and dripping down my pussy. I look up at you with a massive dong in my mouth sucking all happy as I giggle and say I was too drunk to record the first spews but I’m happy you’re here now to watch me get Absolutely Filthy. I smear my vomit all over my pussy and rub it in, there’s thick strands of goopy puke running down my pussy as I grab more and more from the floor creating a nasty pukey pussy cascade. i fingerfuck myself and talk naughty to you. Sucking on the 14″ purple dong to eventually erupt in 4 more spews and 5 more pukes (that i let sludge out from my mouth as opposed to erupting) so 9 total PLUS all the puke already all over my thighs and cunt and tits.

Ella Gilbert, JosslynKane, LoveRachelle2, Scat Shop, Unknown Studios

ScatPack (17 clips)ScatPack (17 clips)

She is in the kitcken, starts undressing and teasing showing her big ass. She comes near a table puts a plate on it turns around and dumps her load on to the plate. She then "feeds" us her shit...

AstraCelestial, Scat Shop

Christine's Vomit GangbangChristine's Vomit Gangbang

Hello People, it is Christine

It was a Lovely day for having some vomit fucking.. Indeed, everything began as a Joke.. Let’s eat a lot of foor they said, let’s vomit everything on Christine they said, but after this words I became extremelly horny and this idea was burning in my mind..

I said – everybody eat, I want each of you to vomit in my face and mouth. I sad – I want to be fucked and vomited on in the same time.. I said I want to eat this vomit and cum in the same time.. Well it was a lovely day.. This spring is making incredibly filthy things with my imagination..

Vomit kisses to everybody.

SamanthaStarfish, Scat Shop

At My Mom's House! Eating Her Shit!At My Mom's House! Eating Her Shit!

A rather bizarre video of SamanthaStarfish at her mom's house. She proceeds to fish her mom's shit out of the toilet, and then she proceeds to play with it, taste it, and smear it on herself.

SamanthaStarfish, Scat Shop

Extreme Public Baby Poop Adventure!Extreme Public Baby Poop Adventure!

Samantha Starfish, is in a public restroom, where she finds a baby diaper in the thrash. She is curious and picks it up. Then she proceeds to smell, taste and smear the shit from the diaper on her body. She then brings it home and does some more smearing, while also stuffing it in her pussy and masturbating with the shit.


PUSSY EXAMINATION & CURE - Plugged Female Slave Holds Enema while being Punished!PUSSY EXAMINATION & CURE - Plugged Female Slave Holds Enema while being Punished!

Today I have my slave in the dungeon, and she is going to be examined. She is complaining of a vaginal and rectum problem that she wants me to check. She is hooded and blindfolded, and I have her on a leash as I lead her to the medical room. I tell her to sit on the bed and place her legs on the leg rests. I then tie her feet tightly with rope. I don't want her struggling too much. So with her ready, I pull on my tight latex rubber gloves to begin the examination. She is nervous, and has difficulty relaxing. So I tell her to remain calm, and that I'm going to have to thoroughly check her out. As I continue, her pussy becomes wet and I can see she is aroused. I get the feeling that she is enjoying me poking around with my latex gloved fingers. At the moment I can't seem to see a problem with her. However, I will perform a enema and see if further examination will reveal anything. I also use some instruments to allow me to open her pussy as wide as possible. After the enema, she complains that she has flatulence. So I insert a nice butt plug into her ass to make sure she is nice and comfortable. Her medical exam is over. However, I have other plans for my slut... For the next part two of the medical examination of my slave. She will have to undergo a psychological process. I have told her she must comply with my instructions. With her still hooded and wearing her blindfold. I put her hands in bondage mittens and raise her arms up on chains. I also have her legs bound with a spreader bar. She has no idea what to expect. I warn her that she is going to experience different levels of pain. I bring out my flogger and begin warming her up, heavily beating her ass as it begins to turn a nice red. I then bring out my bullwhip and let her hear it crack, she quivers in fear at the prospect of it's stinging lashes. Because she has no idea what I'm going to do next, her fear intensifies. With the butt plug still in her ass, I get my riding crop and give it a good slapping just to make sure it doesn't slip out. It's time to make her suffer a bit more and decide to use hot wax treatment on her. I light the candle and leave it for a few minutes to allow the wax to become really hot. As I pour it on her on her ass, she squeals like a little piggy. I'm having so much fun with my slut, her pleas for mercy will be ignored. As the wax dries on her ass, I tell her it has to be removed. I get my riding crop and begin to give her a good whipping. Until slowly, all the wax is removed. With her ass a bright red, my bitch pleads with me to stop. Of cours there's no mercy. As I continue with her whipping she can't hold in her butt plug. It's amazing to see it totally pop out, as my slave delivers a concentrated mixture of piss and shit onto the floor. She squeals in pain as I whip the last pices of shit out of her sorry ass. What a filthy slut...

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