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secretlover3 - New plastic panties!secretlover3 - New plastic panties!

I show off my new plastic panties, and take a long straining shit into them. I smear it around within the panties, having lots of fun. I peel off the very dirty panties and show off all the scat stuck to my ass. I try to dance and shake it off but only little bits come off.

Scat Shop

AutumnYoung - WHAT’S BIGGER????? My Load or My Prolapse!!!AutumnYoung - WHAT’S BIGGER????? My Load or My Prolapse!!!

OVER 11 MINUTES LONG!!! My Biggest Longest Prolapse Full Rosebud Yet Everyone!!! The SNEAK PEAK is NOTHING COMPARED TO WHATS ON THE VIDEO Promise!

I had held my shit for 2 days and had been out dancing that evening and had a hard time holding it all night but managed somehow!! After I got home I decided to have some fun and while still in my leather dress I get on the counter, squatting and drop a HUUGGEEEE Load onto the plate on the floor below….Splat!!! And then even more after pushing and grunting it out.

I get down off the counter and then the fun starts! I smell my yummy shit and feel it in my hands and dissect parts that are darker and lighter….. feeling the texture of it. I then take my dildo and dip it in and try and shove my shit back where it came from. I easily slide my huge dildo up my ass with no lube and fuck my ass with it. I shit my dildo out and out comes another log even more knobbly.

I take the knobbly log and taste it and suck on it and then I try and shove that back where it came from with my hands. I grab more of my yummy shit and try and shove that back up my asshole too! I really start prolapsing and playing with my HUGE rosebud!

I play with my asshole and my prolapsed rosebud and suck it back in and out and really push her out and enjoy the feel of how far she is stuck out for anyone to suck on and touch. I finger myself and squirt while I’m still prolapsed and feeling so good!!

I fuck my ass with my dildo even more and smear my delicious shit on myself. This is the best video I have done yet and I really loved making it for you!!! ENJOY!!!!!


Julia & Friends - Skat!Julia & Friends - Skat!

Models: Julia, 2 males
Running Time: 45 Minutes
Stunning newcomer Julia sent us some private footage shot during a wild weekend with friends, asking us if this might fit our style. Of course it does, who can resist a girl who introduces herself with a big smile: "I'm a scat pig - I like it!"
Some mild bisex action in this title, if this ain't your cup of tea, don't buy...
Please note that this is amateur footage so the image quality, sound etc. may not be perfect but the action is raw, extreme scatsex at its best.

Unknown Studios

Electricladyhouse - Francesca Salvatore 25 clipsElectricladyhouse - Francesca Salvatore 25 clips

Mostly, Francesca stands over the toilet bowl and shits in the toilet or in her hand. In two clips she is in the kitchen and holds her shit in the hand. You can see Francesca always from behind only.


Francesca & Penelope - Eat My Shit - The First Time for Sweet Slave PenelopeFrancesca & Penelope - Eat My Shit - The First Time for Sweet Slave Penelope

Francesca tells Penelope to suck her feet and her asshole. Then she shits in her mouth. This is Penelope's first scat scene and she's nervous, but she made it a fantastic scene and maybe she'll fall in love with scat!

Anna Coprofield, Scat Shop

Anna Coprofield - Through the speculumAnna Coprofield - Through the speculum

I inserted speculum in the pussy, I take out and show the cream from my pussy.Then re-insert the speculum and show my damaged cervix close and made a bunch of crap.I piss until the speculum inside so the urine fills pussy through the speculum.I take a shit and filled pussy through speculum,fuck my pissy by a hand,smearing shit and I insert the speculum again and show you the shit around my cervix close to you. I show you my blooming anal rose at the end..

Unknown Studios

Natural High KUT-021 - Milk Tube VOL.5 Friend Saw GusoNatural High KUT-021 - Milk Tube VOL.5 Friend Saw Guso

1. school uniform, anal play: objects insertion, enemas
2. shit on by two anonymous women, shit smearing, walking outdoors covered in shit
3. shit on plate, talk to camera
4. oral, fucking while being defecated on with shit and multiple milk enemas, cum on shit/milk smeared body

Ella Gilbert

Extreme Body and Face SmearingExtreme Body and Face Smearing

I love coverying myself in shit so, today, Im gonna take a shit doggy style and start smearing it all over my ass, chest, belly and legs right after. Unusual objects make me cum the best so I grab a bottle and start fucking my ass like crazy. Thats not enough for me so just before I make myself cum I smear more shit up to my face. I can continue fucking myself now. With a hitachi over my clit and that bottle up my ass Im gonna make myself cum really hard.
U can see the cum dripp out my pussy and I also give u a face close up at the end of the video;

PooAlexa, Scat Shop

Poo Alexa aka Jessica Valentino (177 HD videos from Scatshop)Poo Alexa aka Jessica Valentino (177 HD videos from Scatshop)

This pack features mostly solo videos with Poo Alexa.

There are a few girl/man scenes, and somehow a few videos with other actors. All in all its 95 % solo scat videos with Alexa.

There are lot's of interactive POV scat-videos, where Alexa talks directly to the viewer.

Lot's of videos contains scenes where she tells you to eat her shit.

Many scenes are based on some kind of roleplay (maid, teacher, dominator, step daughter, sister etc.)

The videos are all from ScatShop.


Wonder Woman is a Dirty Woman!Wonder Woman is a Dirty Woman!

Josslyn Kane is wonder woman!

Wonder Woman is a dirty woman for sure! If you wanna see it in action,
this is the video right here, the dirtiest video from Josslyn
perhaps up until this point.

She is dressed in a very cute wonder woman uniform, as she undresses,
she squats onto the floor and takes one of her biggest dumps.
It's soft, and looks absolutely delicious.

She continues to smear her whole body and face with the mess
before going into doggy position to fuck her slutty shit-pipe
with some beads and a glass dildo, making her ass explode with fresh
liquid diarrhea.

this is so good, and it looks like she had a ton of fun doing this.

Enjoy, my fellow shitty pervs!

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