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Lady Milena - A generous lady feeds a servant with very huge shitLady Milena - A generous lady feeds a servant with very huge shit

This is short clip with female domination. Gorgeous Mistress use a lucky man as a toilet slave. She humiliates him. The usual action of the movie woman torturing a guy, then she sits on his face with her entire ass while farting pissing and shitting on him. Such actions usually leave the space ruined, the man, besides unconditionally satisfying all the wishes of the mistress, is obliged to clean the space.

When girl feeding her male slave with fresh poop, sometimes she forced him to swallow poop. If is satisfied, mistress feeds the servant with the remains of shit.

Men are happy to serve in such a way mistress. In most films have scenes where women piss in mouth of men, and in some spitting. It also has a number of group scenes, where men act as human toilet. The girls are mostly nice and shit very generously. Shit has a lovely texture, and you can almost smell.

Particularly emphasized grace and loftiness of women at the same time belittling men. Excellent collection for fans of these types of movies. Please note that the scenes are real and that this video is not for everyone's taste. The quality is not the best, but who loves worth a look.

There is no sex at all, just female shitting on male, the rest of action include: trampling, serving, humiliation, pricking the heel, pushing his head into shit, ass cleaning and so on. Good enough for me and other femdom lovers.

Once again, thank you all for your support and lovely comments, particularly thank those who have sent me credits.
Thank you for your attention and enjoy.

Unknown Studios

CMV-011 Arisa Aoyama Zange Swimsuit Enema Punishment Spy Woman Sin SMCMV-011 Arisa Aoyama Zange Swimsuit Enema Punishment Spy Woman Sin SM

First scene is a girl doing yoga.
Then she takes a shower.
Then a girl in a cage wearing a bathing suit is administered an enema by a man.
Then a girl is restrained with vacuum pumps put on her nipples. She's then on all fours and beat on her ass with a whip.
Then a lesbian scene with nose play and snot.
Then a woman masturbates while she watches another release an enema.
Then a scene where a bunch of men give a woman an enema as she's sitting in a chair and apply vacuum pumps on her nipples. She has a speculum in her vagina at the time.

Unknown Studios

Veronicasteam - Consuming & Digesting YouVeronicasteam - Consuming & Digesting You

Veronica is GIANTESS! Listen as she stomps around. The tiny little men try to hide but it’s no use. She picks them up, one by one, and t0rtures them, crushing them with her teeth and massive tongue. Some she swallows whole, while others are so lucky. Some even get torn apart..all while you watch.

After eating all these tiny men, I can feel them pushing and running around inside my belly. It’s the strangest feeling and keeps making me burp and fart. It seems all their moving has stimulated my digestive track. I go to the bathroom and push the little men out of my anus into the toilet with some loud farts.

Ryan, Scat Goddess

Hard Nude Twerk Panty Shit Instructions to Taste - GoddessRyan (Pooping)Hard Nude Twerk Panty Shit Instructions to Taste - GoddessRyan (Pooping)

Are we going to Poop panties today? Wow Coffee is really making me have to go!
You cant wait until I take them Off and Make a big dump in them, Right?
I tease you with this nice juicy ass with panties on and then take them off to twerk in your face showing you my winking brown eye.
I spread that ass & Doggie Shit with a perfect view of my hole dropping hard nuggets and then adding a BIG Hard load!

I talk directly to you, telling you what to do when you get these loaded panties. Stick your finger in my load, smear on your lips while putting your hand down your pants while licking your lips jerking so hard! Keep listening:) I vac seal how I ship them and hope you enjoy!

Dirty Betty, Scat Shop, SweetBettyParlour

DirtyBetty - Slave feeding, Dirty CreamPieDirtyBetty - Slave feeding, Dirty CreamPie

Amazing new premium video) First, I give the slave a giant pile of fresh shit, and then show him my chocolate pussy and take shit off his face so he could enjoy the stunning view and then he Fucks me full of shit pussy and cums in me) Then you will see dirty crempie which will make you jerk off from the sight!) Good quality, great view, original content, and lots of orgasms which will give you this video) it’s simple!)

She takes a shit on her slaves face and then smears the shit all over her pussy and legs. The slave then fucks her missionary and cums in her pussy.


Eat My Model Scat By Demi Lilith And BiancaEat My Model Scat By Demi Lilith And Bianca

Our newest scat top model movie is out right now. We just found this wondeful babe Demi Lilith, and she agree to play in our scat movie. Extreme beautiful girl with perfect feets, ass, everything is just perfect on her. Even her scats smells brilliant and taste just perfect. Bianca is the lucky girl who had the chance to eat her perfect shit and drink her perfect pee.

Dirty Betty, SweetBettyParlour

Crazy Witch Gone Wild!Crazy Witch Gone Wild!

Another SweetBettyParlour clips, this one offers a crazy shit-covered blowjob complete with smearing shit in the face and sucking a huge fresh piece of shit!

She starts off stripping off and going doggy-style on top of the cock before dropping a very nice log of precious brown shit onto his cock.

She continues to wank him off whilst sucking on a big firm turd, then proceeds to smear the log into her face and over the cock for good measure.

Finally the guy spurts his load into her hand whilst her mouth is full of beautiful turd, ending the scene.

A tame scene (by Betty's normal standards), but is a good addition for the collection, even if her "shit" has been labeled fake (both on Fetlife's community by fans and people who've been with her).

Unknown Studios

Poo Eating and Vomiting - DirtyLenaPoo Eating and Vomiting - DirtyLena

My ass made a big load of Poo on a plate and i Eat my Shit with spoon , I am will be honestly its taste bad so I Vomiting, you can watch that i ate a lot Strawberry today , so my vomit some redly and pinky… In video also Pee and i drinked it all after eating POO...…

Unknown Studios

Princess Puckie the Shitty PiggyPrincess Puckie the Shitty Piggy

Butt ass naked and doggystyle outside in the sun, I smile at you as my golden piss streams out of me and hits the tarp, running along my thighs and belly. I position myself steady in a doggy squat for a fat hot turd to release and it dumps out of me soft and sausage like….I admire my steamy load and beckon you closer. I grab a clump and begin smearing into my tits while talking about its texture and squealing! This is so insane!! I stink I stink I stink! I massage my shit into my arms and breasts and belly, big globs of poo adorning my soft skin. I clutch another big glob and bring it to my nose for a huge whiff and enjoy my anal aroma. I make a shit print on the tarp like a snowflake, I’m just a girl having fun making a mess like a sweet giggly little piggy! Flies start attacking me! They love my sweet chili bean reek too! You get a million close-ups and angles as I hold the camera close to me, taking you on an intimate tour of my body as you see me get more and more shit smeared all over me and as it bakes in the sun onto my skin like a mud mask! I make sure to use every last dropping of my dump on the rest of my ass…AND TASTE IT TWICE TOO! I lick it from my fingers and tell you I’m so brave haha. I’m starting to get super turned on by shitty piggy mess so I touch myself and rub my clit… but the flies want in on the fun so I eventually escape…INSIDE MY HOUSE! While completely coated in my steamy brown poo! I CUM SO HARD while showing off my beautiful shit smeared body inside my house, enjoying the taboo of being so scandalously shitty inside and getting myself off while my roomies aren’t home…you’ll want to coat me in your cum too when i’m through…...

Scat Shop


27 Minutes Long and VERY INTENSE. It’s me drinking a bunch of milk and then making myself gag and puke 5x all over myself by shoving purple gloved fingers down the hatch and then rubbing it into my body and drooling and being slobbery and saying dirty things then pissing a bunch and cumming in my filth

This scene is mainly dirty talk, with vomiting. She masturbates to orgasm at the end.

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