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Lesbian Domination Pee And Diarrhea Swallow By Niki And Sarah Miller 720pLesbian Domination Pee And Diarrhea Swallow By Niki And Sarah Miller 720p

Top Dominatrix Niki has a good day today, she made a lesbian movie but still she gets the overhand and tell whats to do. In this movie with Sarah Miller they kissing each other, Sarah lick the pussy of Niki and all in very domination eroticly style. After Niki starts to pee in the mouth of Sarah, first on the mouth after in. Then Niki start to shit, it comes out just diarrhea, not to much unfortently, so dont think on a big load, after Niki sits on the mouth from Sarah in sealed mouth style.


Eat My Model Scat By Demi Lilith And BiancaEat My Model Scat By Demi Lilith And Bianca

Our newest scat top model movie is out right now. We just found this wondeful babe Demi Lilith, and she agree to play in our scat movie. Extreme beautiful girl with perfect feets, ass, everything is just perfect on her. Even her scats smells brilliant and taste just perfect. Bianca is the lucky girl who had the chance to eat her perfect shit and drink her perfect pee.


Sperrgebiet 36 - Yvonne spricht mit DirSperrgebiet 36 - Yvonne spricht mit Dir

A moderately young Veronica Moser in a series of scat scenes with other girls. Lots of piss and shit smearing and tasting.

Also a solo scene where Veronica starts by fucking her ass with an inflatable butt plug. She pumps it up and pushes it out. Of course, there is a massive load of shit stuck to the end of it once she pushes it out. She licks and sucks the dirty butt plug for a while. Then she picks up the huge load and stuffs her mouth with it. It doesn’t all fit, but she tries her best. She takes it out of her mouth and shows the hole that her tongue created in the load. Then the best part… she completely covers her face with it. At this point, the entirety of her face is covered with a thick layer of shit. She sucks it off of her fingers and rubs it into her face. This is the best shit mask I’ve ever seen.


Francesca & Penelope - Eat My Shit - The First Time for Sweet Slave PenelopeFrancesca & Penelope - Eat My Shit - The First Time for Sweet Slave Penelope

Francesca tells Penelope to suck her feet and her asshole. Then she shits in her mouth. This is Penelope's first scat scene and she's nervous, but she made it a fantastic scene and maybe she'll fall in love with scat!


Scat Swallow Deep Throat - The Egypt StoryScat Swallow Deep Throat - The Egypt Story

Cleopatra dominatrix shits in the mouth of her slave. She pushes it down her throat with her hands and feet. Cleopatra gives nothing by extreme humiliation to her slave. Great storytelling!


Yes, this really exists: 2 Girls 1 Cup, Volume 2Yes, this really exists: 2 Girls 1 Cup, Volume 2

These two bitches were hungry. So they decide to eat a dessert. It begins with them pissing in cups and then drinking each other’s pee! Then, they shit into their dessert cups and place whipped cream and strawberries on their shit and begin to eat it with spoons!

But that’s not all, the girls get messy, play with their shit and dessert, and begin placing their shit into each other’s mouths and press the shit against their lips and kiss! They clearly giggle and enjoy playing with their shit!

And then to finish their desserts, both bitches swallow and eat their own shit!


SG-Video - Solo Scat Girl Stonmy - The Extreme BitchSG-Video - Solo Scat Girl Stonmy - The Extreme Bitch

Stonmy is one solo scat girl never seen before. She is real extreme special girl. She like everything hard. In the movie she shit 3 times and pee 2 times. So if you like to see a crazy girl then here is Stonmy with her shit and her pee. All scenes are filmed outside in Gran Canaria. So check out Stonmy and let us know how this never seen before crazy bitch is.


Extreme Double Scat Domination Dinner - The Scat Soup Real SwallowExtreme Double Scat Domination Dinner - The Scat Soup Real Swallow

Extreme hard domination of two dominatrix, pee and scat from both of them into one slave. Again with our top dominatrix Karina. They give the slave hard feet and asslicking domination at first, after that the slave has to swallow the pee and then the shit from both. The slave goes under this movie to a big humilation torture and even she has to lick up the rest of the shit from the floor.


Panty Scat Girls MelaniaPanty Scat Girls Melania

Cute European model, Melania, shits and pees in her panties and then plays with her warm shit-stained and pee-soaked panties. She likes to dress up and walk around peeing and shitting her panties!


SG-Video MegaPackSG-Video MegaPack

Dominique takes a slave and shows to her the taste of water, served up from her asshole. The slave has a lots of time to enjoy this enema domination includes a bit of scat and pee, and Dominique gives to her as much water from her ass, as this poor little girl almost drowning in...

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